Uttarakhand ( India )




In addition to producing and supplying big and passenger elevators for businesses and hospitals, Kamdhenu Elevators also offers prompt servicing. In addition to installing new elevators, our specialists also offer repair, maintenance, and replacement services for your current elevators. Our engineers and technicians are devoted to providing the best installation service, which has repeatedly been recognised and valued by our clients throughout India.

Installation and after-sales service are crucial components of our best elevator service because we are one of the top elevator manufacturers and lift service providers in Uttarakhand. Engineers and technicians with the highest levels of training, expertise, and experience install various types of elevators.


Timely repair and maintenance are essential for ensuring both the longevity of the elevators and the safety of the users. The skilled professionals at Kamdhenu Elevators only offer the maintenance service at your door. Professional professionals first conduct a complete evaluation of the elevator's operation before starting the maintenance service. For a variety of elevator types, Kamdhenu Elevators offers Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC).


The best businesses and institutions have praised our repair and replacement services in addition to installation and maintenance. In addition to offering the best maintenance services at your doorstep on demand, we also offer to replace your outdated elevators with modern lift models across a variety of categories. Our repair work is top-notch and reasonably priced. Our repair services' main characteristics are:

  • Affordable service
  • 24 X 7 Repair Service
  • Complete stock of genuine spare parts
  • Customized Elevator Repair and Maintenance based on Client requirements
  • Well-organized Maintenance Schedule offered
  • Our Prestigious clients